DIY conversion kits for more camper space, up to 40% in T5/6 VWs.  Contact online or call 0333 444 0617As featured in voltswagon camper magazine logo 

stuarts outsideThe original Conversion Kits are the brainchild of Stary Mills who ran MEV (Mills Extreme Vehicles) which made unique kit cars.

When I first met Stuart in 2017 at the NEC, he explained his interest in making a conversion kit for a VW van to see more space for your money, as he went to various shows across the country with his kit cars. They should also be easy to install yourself as a DIY project.

Therefore, his own converted SWB T5 was the first prototype with this conversion, with all three Conversion Kits successfully on display.

Here’s a video he made quickly outlining the main Pop-Up Roof and Push-Out Bed:

stuart camper bed storageThere's a host of different photos below to look through, and some of the main features to note are:

* He demonstrated how this can be practically used every day with swivel front seats, dining table, and even additional bunk beds n the front cab and a specially made frame over the Alu-Kitchen store.

* Adding a bold splash of orange to contrast with the subtle silver van colour, and darker grey bed pod and roof sections.

* The functionality of the kit is emphasised with no frills-finish to the inside of the bed and roof, and full use of storage both under the bed when in use and behind when travelling