DIY conversion kits for more camper space, up to 40% in T5/6 VWs.  Contact online or call 0333 444 0617As featured in voltswagon camper magazine logo 

sammy 4 main rear nearsideSammy has been the main demo van since 2022 with all three conversion kits: the Pop-out double bed from the rear, Push-up extendable roof, and Alu-store and kitchen. Based on a 2011 SWB T5, it’s in a simple black-and-white colour scheme to complement the silver van cover and work with any internal décor and furnishings.

The main promo video shows the early stages of the conversion, and there are more details of all three conversions.

sammy 1 inside overviewSammy’s currently for sale if anyone is interested in a ready made good-to-good converted van! Here’s details and more photos on ebay, and now a fully finished conversion only being sold because of us wanting not get on with another conversion example.

Get in contact if you have any questions.

In the meantime, here’s a quick video of Sammy’s main features taking photos at Camper Mart 2024:

sammy 2 bed

sammy 3 side