DIY conversion kits for more camper space, up to 40% in T5/6 VWs.  Contact online or call 0333 444 0617As featured in voltswagon camper magazine logo 

Here are some living examples of converted VW campers with the Conversion Kits on offer. 

This includes ones by others as well as those completed by myself. They all have their unique colour scheme and look to tell a different story:


roly camper escapes iconThe first conversion I did in 2018 which was featured in Volkswagon Camper & Commercial magazine. An LWB T5 in a cool minimalistic black and white tone that had cool promo-video done to show what he's got.


bed angled sammy modifiedMy second camper is currently underway in 2022, following the purchase of the Conversion Kits now for direct sale. After completion in a cool black and white colour scheme, it will be sold in September this year, therefore contact me if you're interested in buying then. 


stuart cicularThe original creator Stuart Mills from MEV completed the first prototype of all three conversion kits in 2017 based upon a 2010 SWB T5, with a promo video of how this works. Finished in a striking orange and grey colour scheme, and photos of just how it works practically. 


steves cicularSteve took on the business from Stuart and completed his in 2019 on a 2013 SWB T5. In a refreshing red and white colour scheme, and extra fitted upholstery inside, this is a great example of how these conversion kits can look to everyone's personal taste.