The 'Alu-Store & Kitchen' saves every square inch in a VW T5/6

The simplest way to provide company storage areas and a versatile kitchen unit to enjoy the remaining space


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camper escapes initial promo thumbnailThe original brainchild of UK kit-car specialist Stuart Mills, there's a quick promo video here of how these look (and submit details here to receive further info).

Easily installed by yourself in a day OR handed over to a conversion business or contractor to install.

Wow, How Does This Work?

roly conversion kit 1 camper escapesThe clever way to have both storage and kitchen space, and not lose valuable room in the main living area,

They are a lightweight aluminium kit that is quickly assembled and installed to provide:

tick camper escapesShelves and wardrobes at both sides of the camper

tick camper escapesKitchen unit for a fridge and SMEV sink and hob

tick camper escapesSpace for a portaloo

This video of our first conversion Roly says it all:

roly pop out bed insideWith compact side storage and front kitchen unit, there is bags of room!

Plus, add a double Pop-Out Bed in between and a Push-Up Roof in the middle for full standing height...


alu store icon camper escapesHere’s exactly what the Alu-Store & kitchen includes for your camper:


bullet point camper escapes Probably the most lightweight material for camper storage and kitchen units you will find (the stylish aluminium sheeting, therefore, provides more power and uses less fuel for the camper van).

bullet point camper escapes A choice of colour in the final powder coating as a tough, durable surface that will easily be cleaned.

bullet point camper escapes All sections are pre-cut and drilled, with holes simply ready to assemble with nuts and bolts.

bullet point camper escapes alu spec kitchenA standard SMEV sink/hob unit can fit in the kitchen for two gas hobs and a water sink.

bullet point camper escapes A mini-fridge will easily fit in the kitchen unit, (with details of our preferred one provided).

bullet point camper escapes Ability to easily store a small portaloo in the kitchen unit, which can then be screened off by the roller shutter.

bullet point camper escapes Free roller shutters are provided for the opening in the kitchen unit, and both side wardrobes in your favourite matching colour.

bullet point camper escapes alu spec kitchen itemsRoom for a water bottle for the sink under the kitchen unit, and a gas bottle for the hob.

bullet point camper escapes The front driver's seat is also able to still swivel around past the kitchen unit (as well as the passenger one).

bullet point camper escapes Handy storage trays are located at the top of each side shelf, and even above the kitchen unit.

bullet point camper escapes A nifty cutlery tray opening in the front of the kitchen unit.

bullet point camper escapes Slim and stylish shelves at both sides of the camper to still allow a double bed in between, while still providing helpful shelf and wardrobe space.

bullet point camper escapes alu spec storeAbility to have hanging wardrobe space on not just one, but both sides of the camper.

bullet point camper escapes Additional space is available in long-wheel-base vans between the storage and kitchen units for helpful things like a battery box.

bullet point camper escapes Six stylish and helpful storage holes in the sides with details of what shelves can be fitted afterwards to fully utilise these.

bullet point camper escapes alu spec bed kitchenUniquely designed to complement the Pop-out bed and even have helpful spotlights on these storage units shining into the bed area.

bullet point camper escapes A central divider in the middle of each side shelf unit, splitting the shelves from the wardrobe space.
Pre-drilled holes and a helpful installation guide to easily be installed by anyone (almost like a large Lego project).

magazine vw bus camper escapes

"The campervan conversion market is full of interesting ideas to make the most of the space inside a van. When someone new enters the market, it's sometimes intriguing to find they adopt a slightly different approach. Stuart Mills [Camper Escapes] has done just that, with an extension at the rear, a simple way of extending roof space and an alternative approach to manufacturing a flat-pack kitchen pod, cupboards and wardrobes” - VW Bus T4&5 Magazine 

magazine vw camper camper escapesyoutube white icon camper escapesIt’s the first to use a clever kit to extend the floor space in a standard VW T5 van by 30%" - Volkswagon Camper & Commercial



Mosaic 3d images 3 camper escapesDon’t worry, everything is provided for easy install and use:

tick camper escapesComplementary Push-up Roof for full standing height inside the camper, and Pop-out Bed for nearly 40% more space

tick camper escapesDesigned by a pedigree kit car manufacturer to make every inch count

tick camper escapesAll parts provided, right down to every nut and bolt

tick camper escapesinstallation guide icon camper escapesFull user manual to easily install in under a day (and we’ll help to find the right local conversion company for you if needed)

tick camper escapesFull email and telephone support to help get up and running

tick camper escapesextras icon camper escapesAdvice on little extras to add your own personal touch

camper escapes guarantee

A fair guarantee to make this risk free

Unfortunately, we can’t offer a full money-back refund once installed, as it’s then part of your camper! However, we CAN make this risk-free right up to the point of collection. When you see the finished Pop-Up Roof, and you still don’t want it, then no problem, we’ll return half your full deposit.

Plus, full support during the fitting process to ensure all is up and running for you soon. Also, don’t forget how this will be adding value to your camper, being able to easily realise every penny spent and more no matter how unfinished the final conversion may be.


Further discounted price on already good value

  • Alu-store & kitchen
  • £1,432
  • Here's what included:
  • > All sheets and buts/bolts to easily assemble
  • > Full installation guide and support (and recommended convertors)
  • > Compact & minimalistic design for greatest value
  • > Fixed 5-year cost for over 10% savings
  • > Immediately get your money back and more from reselling the camper
  • > Everything ready for collection in a few weeks (or delivery options available)
  • > Just tell us your final  preferences like colour
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