DIY Conversion Kits For More Camper Space

3 modern conversion kits for an additional bed, standing, and storage space in VW T5/6 camper vans


Mosaic conversions camper escapes   

camper escapes initial promo thumbnailThe original brainchild of UK kit-car specialist Stuart Mills, there's a quick promo video here of how these look (and submit details here to receive further info).

Easily installed by yourself in a day OR handed over to a conversion business or contractor to install.

So What's Included in these DIY Conversion Kits?

roly conversion kit 1 camper escapesBasically, three different kits that all complement each other, but can be purchased separately.

These simple and space-saving kits are:

asterix icon camper escapesPop-out bed rolling outside the rear doors

asterix icon camper escapesPush-up roof for full camper standing height

asterix icon camper escapesAlu-store & kitchen for company side storage

Here's a fully fitted-out example with all 3 conversions

Three separate kits to complement each other, but available separately


pop out bed icon camper escapes     push up icon camper escapes    alu store icon camper escapes



magazine vw bus camper escapes

"The campervan conversion market is full of interesting ideas to make the most of the space inside a van. When someone new enters the market, it's sometimes intriguing to find they adopt a slightly different approach. Stuart Mills [Camper Escapes] has done just that, with an extension at the rear, a simple way of extending roof space and an alternative approach to manufacturing a flat-pack kitchen pod, cupboards and wardrobes” - VW Bus T4&5 Magazine 

magazine vw camper camper escapesyoutube white icon camper escapesIt’s the first to use a clever kit to extend the floor space in a standard VW T5 van by 30%" - Volkswagon Camper & Commercial



Here are the 3 Conversion Kits available for any VW T5/6 

Ideally, all three together to complement each other for maximum space savings and look, but still available as separate kits:

Pop-Out Bed 

3d image pop outbed camper escapesA double bed that literally rolls out the rear doors and pokes out the back of the van.

Easily set up within a minute or two, and with nearly 40% space being added to the camper, it's the only realistic option to get most space out of a T5/T6.

Push-Up Roof 

3d image push up roof camper escapesA roof that pushes up for full adult standing height in the middle of the camper area. 

From insulated GRP sections, this is quickly installed and provides a more durable solution to the usual canvas pop-top ones in order to fully utilise the camper.

Alu-Store Kitchen & Storage

3d image alu store camper escapesAluminium kitchen unit and off/nearside wardrobes/shelves at the rear for company storage out of the way. 

In a tough and coloured finish, it provides a modern and minimalistic final look to the camper.