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demo van camper escapesThere are all kinds of accessories and extras you can add to your camper van, in particular VWs as we’ve found at the various events and shows! Whether it’s a simple seat cover or a clever idea like a cup/tray holder.

Often the best way you come across these is by accident when you’re not always looking, and you have the chance to see these in real life and ideally fitted on a camper.

Therefore, here’s our list of such ones we’ve come across at events, through others, or by chancing a purchase online. In no particular order, here goes:

1. Dashboard carpet

dash carpet 2 camper escapesSeen through Matt at Volks T Life who exclusively makes these, they’re a tailormade piece of carpet to fit on a T5/6 dashboard to not only look the part but help take the glare off the usual dashboard and hold items on.

Available with the edges in a range of different colours and a smoother finish material if preferred, we couldn’t resist an orange one to match the branding colours on our demo van Sammy.

2. Living area mats

mat camper escapesThe inside living area of the camper is ideal for having a piece of carpet or mat to add that special touch.

We’ve gone for a nice one through Fat Bob's Emporium with an iconic VW symbol on, and conveniently coloured the branding colour orange but also black to hide the dirt.

However, good quality ones like these should always be easily cleanable by hand rather than needing a machine wash. Often available in different sizes and of course designs and colours, see what fits your best.

On a practical note, also match your final floor covering material and colour, and make sure they aren’t say too slippy on the surface.

3. Rear door spoilers

rear spoilers camper escapesThese are plastic covers on top of each barn door at the rear and make a nice finish to the rear of the van.

They can be a little snug against the locks for the Push-up roof, and ideally, the roof lock is opened/closed when the doors/spoilers are open.

Unfortunately, they can be fiddly to install. There is a foam layout stuck on the tops for the plastic to sit in, and then ideally sealant like Tiger sealant is added in the middle of these to glue the spoilers on. However, they still need a couple of screws in each to secure.

These meant a larger hole on the inner metal skin of the door and a tad of blue Tak on the screw head to stop the screws falling odd down the inside of the door when going on!

4. Side windshields

wind shields camper escapesSimple strips of plastic along the top and front side of the driver and passenger side doors to help deflect the wind away and allow the to windows open ajar.

Dead easy to install – just peel off the backing tape and stick it on the door frame after wiping special wipers and decent temperatures.

5. Alloy wheels

alloy wheels camper escapesA definite improvement to the usual steel wheels on these and simply second-hand through eBay. Make sure any scratches are dealt with, and the right location around the camper with decent tyre treads on the front wheel.

Also, ensure you get the right wheel locks that fit – the ones we first purchased didn’t, and in the end kept them without anyone.

6. Sidebars

side bars camper escapesThey are at the bottom of the van sides underneath the side doors. These are smaller than some others you get which are bulkier and longer but at a price.

A little tricky to install, and ideally, needing the van off the ground and maybe cut into under trays.

7. Front underskirt

bumper skirt camper escapesWe’re keeping the current plastic front bumper here and adding a final small skirt underneath, with different ones available for different spec bumpers.

Really easy to install; just drill and screw into the bumper's bottom edges. It helped to get the front wheels on ramps to have access and make sure they were configured correctly on here.

8. Seat covers

seat covers camper escapesThese make a real difference to how the seats look as well as protect them from day to day mess. However, two things to watch out for.

Firstly, that they are the correct size and fit properly. The first ones we had were the wrong-sized headrest and then too tight so the zip broke – the second ones now work well.

Secondly, it’s tricky getting these tight on and then secured/hooked underneath or behind with hooks, in particular, the driver's seat.

9.Cab mats

cab mat camper escapesIdeally, these fit the whole cab area in one sweep, and in this case, we went for the lighter grey to soften the otherwise black look of the van (although do show the dirt more).

Try to include the small sections on the side steps as well, and with these they nicely ft with the Kiravan swivel seat bases.

10. Hidden table

table camper escapesThis is a neat way to have a dining table stored away in the inside pocket of the sliding door available as Lo8 Table System.

Simply clip in the door with new clips, and you are good to go.