DIY conversion kits for more camper space, up to 40% in T5/6 VWs.  Contact online or call 0333 444 0617As featured in voltswagon camper magazine logo 

sammy camper hire newWith the demo camper van 'Sammy' now finished, it's available for friends, family, and those seriously interested in the three camper conversion kits. With it being such a unique conversion, it's best to try it out in a real-life campervanning experience to 'get it', as they say!

Therefore, contact us to see what we can arrange. There's then only three things to be aware of:

1. Keep it simple and local

Being based around Matlock in the Peak District, there's plenty to do and enjoy in the camper on your doorstep rather than tracking up to say Scotland. We can provide endless ideas on routes, areas to stay over, and places to eat and drink for a couple of nights or a weekend. 

It has a 240v hook-up for charging on any site and a fridge/hob/toilet for use if needed. 

2. Provide any helpful feedback

After showing you the ropes and providing a quick 'user guide' to remind you how to use, we would appreciate any practical tips and feedback you can provide after the trip. 

Whether that's clearer ways to explain how things are used, or tweaks to the actual conversions that can make all the difference. 

3. Help give reviews and testimonies 

These will be great to show others the actual use and benefit of these conversions. 

Therefore, as many real-life photos and even quick video clips in use would be super, and any final quote/testimonial and online rating/review.


Contact us to chat through more.