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Frequently Asked Questions are helpful anyway, but particularly with a unique Conversion Kit like this one.

Therefore, here’s the man FAQs I come across about this to help people ‘get it’ – I’ll keep adding more I come across, and contact me if you have a query in mind to answer.

How Does The Bed Roll Out?

It’s actually simpler than what you firs think.

If you imagine a quarter section of a circular cake that hinges out 90 degrees to poke outside the rear barn van doors. So, it takes up space at the back of the van when not in use, and is entirely hanging out the back when open.

It pivots on bolts at either side of the van doors, and quickly pulled out at the back by someone.

Once swung out 90 degrees, it naturally hangs on trim around the frame of the rear doors to stop going out any further.

On the inside you then have half a double bed in this handing-out bed pod; the other half is on a raised frame at the back of the van

Securing bed and roof

Rain on bed pod

Storage under bed

Barn doors or other
Which cans – T5 and T6, maybe T4, no none-VWs