DIY conversion kits for more camper space, up to 40% in T5/6 VWs.  Contact online or call 0333 444 0617As featured in voltswagon camper magazine logo 

andy camper escapesMy name is Andy, I began this website in 2019 after completing my first VW camper conversion called Roly.

A 2007 Long Wheel Base T5 Transporter with a brand new conversion kit just hitting the market to develop a whopping 30% extra space in a VW camper. I’ve only ever come across the mega-bucks Double Back conversion to match this sort of space.

The full Roly story is here, including a cool promo video professionally done and another more detailed one.

In 2022 the opportunity came to actually buy the conversion business itself and begin selling these DIY Conversion kits – full details here.

stuart mills mev camper escapesThe genius design came from Stuart Mills from MEV in 2017 as a super-cool way to get lots of extra space in an already-tight VW van but having a double bed that literally rolls out the back, a roof that pushes up, and tightly-packed kitchen units and storage to save every square inch of space. 

Stuart’s own conversion can be seen here (image from Total Kit Car).

Full credit as well to Steve, who first took on the conversion kit with his own SWB T5 conversion here with the complete kit.

philip george camper escapesAlso, a tribute to my dad Philip. Unfortunately, he is no longer alive to see Camper Escapes in full fruition. He loved cars and inventing new things which have inspired and taught me over the years, including George as a fun machine for the local village carnival in Derbyshire over the decades.

If you want any more details on the conversion kits available, then contact me and let's talk. It seems too good to be true and complex at first, but you’ll be well away once you get it.